I Site Keluarkan Laser Scanner 2000 meter (I-Site 8800)

Berikut Cuplikan dari website I Site : link

Maptek I-Site 8800 Laser Scanner

The Maptek I-Site 8800 is the next generation of scanning hardware, delivering increased productivity and versatility.

The longest range. Outstanding accuracy. Easy to use. Productive interface.

Streamlined setup and improved scanning speed result in the fastest and most reliable method of acquiring scan data.

The I-Site 8800 is the only scanner with a fully integrated digital camera, enabling simultaneous capture of 3D laser point clouds with overlaid photo pixels.


Safety: The most portable scanner for rapid survey in dangerous or inaccessible environments
Productivity: Designed to guide survey workflow, making field tasks and delivery of results more efficient
Accuracy: Detailed 3D geological mapping and reliable end of month volumes, ensured by the level of accuracy
Versatility: Short and long range scanning in one premium, easy to use instrument
Integration: System combines extra long range scanning with digital imaging and modelling software

Laser scanner: Collects 8800 laser points per second at a range of up to 2000 metres, 80° vertical and 360° horizontal fields of view
Integrated digital camera: 70 mega pixel panoramic camera, with no calibration or alignment required
Ergonomic design: Developed for 1 person operation and field portability, all features are built in
Alignment telescope: Integrated, motorised survey grade telescope for backsighting
Handheld controller: Ruggedised tablet PC for parameter definition, scan management and viewing

GIM juga merilis dalam websitenya www.gim-international.com/…/id4357-ISite__Laser_Scanner.html


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